Join us on the Norton PTA Executive Board! 


Overview of Officer Roles & Responsibilities  


The executive board of this PTA is composed of the officers including the president, 4 vice president(s), secretary, and treasurer; the parliamentarian; the campus principal (or representative designated by the principal); the chair of each standing committee, and faculty/staff representative.The election of officers for the following school year is conducted in March.  Standing committee chairpersons are appointed by the new officers at their first meeting (within 30 days of election). 



In order to be considered for service, executive board members shall 
  • have served no more than two consecutive terms in the same position
  • subscribe to, believe in and support the mission, purposes and policies of National PTA and Texas PTA
  • be a member of this PTA within 30 days of the start of the membership year in which they serve or within 30 days of their election or appointment if taking office after the start of the membership year
  • receive no compensation from the association except reimbursement for reasonable expenses as set forth in PTA policies and procedures
  • not be employed by, or under contract to this PTA
  • serve in only one capacity
  • the president shall: not simultaneously serve as a council and local PTA president; nor, hold or announce candidacy for the local school board while serving as president of this PTA.



In addition to duties outlined in the bylaws, all officers shall: 

  • complete the Texas PTA’s FOUNDATIONS Leader Orientation course in person or online
  • sign the adopted ethics/conflict of interest policy 
  • attend executive board/membership meetings prepared to present a report/update. 
  • abide by the policies and procedures as set forth by Texas PTA 
  • perform the duties outlined in the bylaws and assigned by the president or PTA membership
  • maintain a procedure book that includes the Plan of Work, an accurate account of activities, and an annual report. 
  • be responsible for orienting a successor by the end of the term. 

When an officer chairs a standing committee, the officer is also responsible for the duties of the committee and its subcommittees.


The Executive Board Officers are filled by the Nominating Committee. All positions are considered open, and nomination does not guarantee the position as an offer. All nominations will be held confidential. Final candidates will be notified in March. The general membership will vote on the Executive Board Officers in April.


The Standing Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the incoming PTA President and approved by the incoming officers. Final candidates will be contacted by the incoming PTA President.



View Standing Rules and Bylaws:



For more information regarding the position duties, please email  




Norton PTA Board Positions

Please review the Norton PTA board positions and responsibilities listed.  There is training for all roles and mentorship from the Allen ISD Council of PTAs as well as from current Norton PTA board members. We would love for you to join our team.






  • Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively.

  • Presides at PTA board and association meetings.

  • Serves as the official contact, communicator, and representative of a PTA.

  • Designated as an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts, and authorizations for payment.

  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

  • Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school, and community to support student success.


First Vice President

  • Oversees and coordinates standing committee chairs in cooperation with the President. 

  • Oversees the ordering process of all PTA administrative supplies and special equipment including, but not limited to, copy/colored paper, office supplies, and storage supplies. 

  • Oversees the ordering process of items ordered for the school that are paid for by the PTA. Additional duties include labeling and distributing all items to the staff. 

  • Maintains a complete and up-to-date list of all items purchased to be handed over to the Secretary for tracking. 

  • Works with the school administration and the board to set dates for PTA programs and events. 

  • Maintains and updates the PTA calendar and informs the school administration and board of any changes. 


VP of Programs

  • Researches, coordinates, and publicizes events and programs to be presented to students and parents. Programs will support PTA goals and will include PTA meetings and special parent meetings. 

  • Coordinates efforts with Healthy Lifestyles, Arts in Education, and Youth Protection Chairs as needed. 


VP of Membership

  • Responsible for all campaigns for membership to the Norton PTA. 

  • Collects and accounts for all dues and gives the dues to the Treasurer for deposit. 

  • Maintains membership records as needed by the Secretary’s permanent file, the Parliamentarian, and the Treasurer to be sent to the Texas PTA. 

  • Serves as Chair of the Life Member Committee. 


VP of Ways & Means

  • Plans and supervises all money-making activities approved by the Norton PTA, necessary for financing the work of this PTA. 

  • Prepares, along with the Budget & Finance Committee (which is chaired by the Treasurer), a budget to be presented and adopted annually at the regular membership meeting in May. 



  • Takes minutes at board and membership meetings.

  • Co-signs formal papers with president: authorizations for payment, resolutions, and formal letters.

  • Handles PTA correspondence as directed by the president.

  • Maintains and preserves all PTA records and important documents to pass on at the end of the term.


  • Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions.

  • Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the PTA.

  • Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or membership.

  • Prepares reports for every board and membership meeting and an annual financial report.

  • Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates.



  • Maintains copies of current governing documents - bylaws, standing rules, policies, and parliamentary authority.

  • Provides guidance to members and board members on issues outlined in governing documents.

  • Ensure the PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.

  • Advises the president on points of parliamentary procedure.

  • Maintains a position of impartiality and does not make motions, enter debate or vote.





  • Informs board members, membership, and the community at large (local media) of events and programs, as well as business conducted by the PTA. 

  • Prepares weekly school e-newsletter, including collecting and editing content blurbs from PTA event/program planners and working with school staff on distribution 

  • Maintains and updates the PTA Facebook page and any other social media pages. 

  • Works closely with the Historian to ensure that an accurate account of the year’s activities is recorded. 



  • Promotes environmental awareness. 

  • Duties include coordinating International Walk/Bike to School Day and any other environmental programs. 



  • Invites and welcomes members to events and programs. 

  • Provides and/or coordinates refreshments for PTA meetings and events. 

  • Plans and coordinates the Back to the Castle and Holiday luncheons for Norton faculty and staff. 


Legislative Action/Council Rep 

  • Attends all general Allen ISD Council of PTAs meetings, reports Council activities to Norton PTA Board, and participates in activities as requested by the Council. 

  • Keeps the PTA membership aware of the legislative process, informed of pending legislative action, and apprised of local school board issues. 

  • Involves Norton PTA members and other appropriate persons in the Legislative Action Program. 

  • Works as liaison with Allen Council and school nurse/counselor to provide supplies/snacks to students in need.


Volunteer Services

  • Coordinates all volunteers for PTA/school events.



Allen Eagle Run

  • Promotes participation of the Norton community in the Allen Eagle Run in collaboration with the Foundation for Allen Schools


Arts in Education 

  • Coordinates art enrichment activities through programs, speakers, assemblies, and/or small group presentations. 

  • Coordinates local participation in the National PTA’s Reflections Art Program. 

  • Publicizes and explains the National PTA Reflections event. Encourages Norton families to have their children participate in Reflections.  

  • Collects Reflections entries and arranges for judging and delivery of winning entries to the next level of judging. 

  • Arranges for recognition of Reflections participants. 



  • Coordinates an online auction to benefit the Norton PTA. 

  • Solicits donations for items to be included in the auction. 


Back 2 School Bash

  • Coordinates an event at the beginning of the school year to welcome all Norton families back to school. 

  • Provides helpful information about the school, PTA, and community. 

  • Ensures that all applicable city and health permits are in place. This includes but is not limited to permits related to food or the outdoor set-up of entertainment equipment, such as bounce houses and climbing walls. 


Book Fair Fall/Spring

  • Coordinates and staffs a fall and spring book fair. 

  • Works with the faculty on the selection of books and materials for purchase. 


Classroom T-Shirts

  • Oversees the ordering process and coordinates the distribution of classroom t-shirts. 

  • Consults with the Principal and staff on design and color options before placing orders. 


Healthy Lifestyles

  • Works with the district-wide School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to support district wellness policies and lifestyles initiatives. 

  • Meets with school staff to determine specific needs and interests related to healthy lifestyles (PE, science, school nurse, food service director, school counselor, librarian, club sponsors, etc.). 

  • Works with related committee chairs (Environmental, Programs, Youth Protection, Legislative Action, Ways & Means) to coordinate school-wide efforts to support healthy children.

  • Provides articles and information for PTA communications. 


Kindergarten Ice Cream Social  

  • Plans a summer social for incoming Norton kindergarteners and their families. 


Membership Committee

  • Assists Vice President Membership with planning and promoting Norton PTA membership campaigns.

Multicultural Day

  • Coordinates the publicity, activities, and events surrounding World Cultures Day. 


Norton Dad’s Club

  • Coordinates fun family events throughout the year, and helps, as needed, with special events. 

  • Coordinates with the school counselor in recruiting for and managing the WATCH D.O.G.S. program. 


Programs Committee   

  • Assists Vice President of Programs with planning and promoting Norton PTA programs.


Red Ribbon Week/Youth Protection

  • Promotes a safe, healthy learning environment for all children. 

  • Plans and promotes Red Ribbon Week and other safety programs. 


Room Parents

  • Acts as liaison between the room parents and the executive board. 

  • Provides orientation and training to all room parents (and party coordinators) regarding class parties, teacher favorites and special events at the grade levels. 


School Supplies

  • Oversees the ordering process and coordinates the distribution of school supply packs at the beginning of the school year to the respective classrooms. 

  • Works with Norton staff to ensure all orders were received. 


Sixth Grade Graduation

  • Works in conjunction with the 6th grade teachers to oversee the organization and planning of the Sixth Grade Graduation events. 


Sixth Grade Shoutout

  • Coordinates the gathering and publishing of Sixth Grade Shout Outs. 


Spelling Bee

  • Coordinates a spelling bee for the student body at Norton using materials provided by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. 


Spring Carnival 

  • Coordinates a committee to complete all activities related to the Spring Carnival including solicitation of donated items, ticket sales, publicity items, and any other activities needed to make the event a success. 

  • Ensures that all applicable city and health permits are in place. This includes but is not limited to permits related to food or the outdoor set-up of entertainment equipment, such as bounce houses and climbing walls. 


Spirit Wear & Items

  • Provide design ideas and coordinates with vendors to provide Norton spirit wear and items to sell online and at events throughout the school year. 


Staff Appreciation & Love Cart

  • Organizes events and a luncheon to show appreciation for the faculty and staff during “Staff Appreciation Week.”

  • Coordinates Love Cart throughout the year that delivers edible treats to teachers and staff throughout the year. 


Student Scholarship

  • Coordinates the campaign to select seniors who are graduating from Allen High School, and who attended Norton Elementary from 4th grade through 6th grade, to receive a monetary scholarship from the PTA. 


Veterans Day 

  • Coordinates a school-wide celebration on or near Veterans Day, to which family members of staff and students are invited to participate in a parade and reception in their honor. 


Ways & Means Committee   

  • Assists Vice President Ways & Means with all aspects of fundraising activities, including planning and promoting family fundraisers, community sponsorships, Spirit Nights, and Spirit Items



  • Works with the Communications/Publicity Chair to update information on the PTA website. 



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